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Orgia Pravednikov was formed in early 1999 by a merge of the rock group Artel, whose style can be described as art-rock, and singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist Sergey Kalugin, who had just had his previous act Dikaya Okhota ('Wild Hunt') disbanded.
According to the members of the band, the name Orgia Pravednikov (Orgy of the Righteous) was prompted by the audience asked what the band should be called during one of concerts.
Soon after the forming the band released an eponymous single, and in 2001 an album Oglaschennye, isydite!. The band, with its unusual sound combining art-rock flute and Kalugin's acoustic guitar arpeggios, on one part, and a hard electric framework, on the other, started gaining popularity among the Russian rock audience.
Over the decade, 2001-2010, the band output four studio albums and as many live ones.
The start of the second decade was marked by the band aired on the major national pop-rock radio Nashe Radio. In 2013 Orgia Pravednikov made it to the shortlist of the radio's annual awards, including a song, an album and the vocalist (Kalugin) in respective nominations, though eventually the band didn't win any one as determined by audience poll results, competing with the highly popular Nochniye Snaiperi et al.
Also in 2013, the band for the first time took part in the biggest Russian open-air rock-festival Nashestvie.

Source: Wikipedia

Oglaschennie, Isydite! (Оглашенные, изыдите!)
Dveri! Dveri! (Двери! Двери!)

Uhodiashee Solntse (Уходящее Cолнце)
Dlya Teh, Kto Vidit Sny (Для тех, кто видит сны)
Shitrock (Шитрок)
Вперед и вверх (Vpered I Vverkh)
Dlya Teh, Kto Vidit Sny Vol.2 (Для тех, кто видит сны Vol.2)

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