On November 7, 2013

ZLYE KUKLY is a rather rare progressive folk band for a few reasons. One, they hail from Russia, not a real hotbed of prog folk of late. Two, they are currently based in Israel, where along with SUSSITA they form a big part of that country's neofolk scene. And finally, the band blends obvious folk sounds and sensibilities with modern prog and rock to yield a sound with few modern parallels, much in the same way folk rock was revived in the mid to late sixties. 

The group has produced a number of self-released albums since their debut in 2000, culminating with an ambitious compilation CD released by Austrian label Ahnstern Records in 2007.

The band's sound is rooted in eastern European folk, and has been described as having both gothic and Baroque tendencies in the arrangements and overall mood. There are subtle hints of Jewish traditional music (primarily klezmer) as well, and occasional heavy guitar riffs to result in a rather unique offering on the prog landscape today.

Band leader Fred Adra is also known for authoring children's literature in Israel, and describes ZLYE KUKLY's recordings as soundtracks to children's horror movies with pirate romantics. The band's flair for drama calls to mind group's of similar tasteful neofolk flamboyance such as SAD MINSTRAL and SOPHE LUX, though ZLYE KUKLY's music has a timeless quality that sets them apart from even these acts.

The band has had little activity on their web page or mySpace account in recent months but continue to garner critical acclaim for their 'Strange Tomorrow' release and will hopefully resurface to record further in the near future.

Source: Progarchives


На Закате Времен [Na Zakate Vremen]

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