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TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE is a Danish based studio project formed by Jan Marsfeldt and proficent composer and multi-instrumentalist Robin Taylor in 1993. With the addition of drummer Mads Hansen the central core of this project were assembled, and in quick succession the albums Taylor's Universe and Pork saw the light of day, in 1994 and 1996 respectively.

Changes were afoot though. When involved in Hugh Steinmetz lead project Communio Musica in 1996, Taylor got in touch with saxophonist Karsten Vogel, best known for his tenures in Danish 70's fusion bands Secret Oyster and Burnin' Red Ivanhoe. While Taylor worked on his next Taylor's Universe production some time later, he decided to contact Vogel, asking for permission to use some Burnin Red Ivanhoe related material. Vogel more or less invited himself to participate in the recording of the album instead, resulting in the album Experimental Health issued in 1998. 

Taylor's Universe was put on hold following this album, as Taylor concentrated his efforts on solo albums and other projects the next few years. In 2004 Taylor's Universe returned with the album Once Again though, followed by Oyster's Apprentice in 2005, Certain Undiscoveries in 2006 and Terra Nova in 2007. As was the case from the release of Experimental Health the core of this project now consisted primarily of Taylor and Vogel; but in 2008 one more major change came to be.

As a passionate music lover Taylor visits record shops on regular occasions, amongst them a second hand vinyl one run by a certain Michael Denner - best known as the guitarist of heavy metal bands Mercyful Fate and King Diamond back in the second half of the 1980's. At some point in time Denner mentioned that he'd like to record with Taylor, and he was invited to the recording of the album Soundwall, issued in 2008. While Denner was coming Vogel, at least for now, ended his collaboration with Taylor's Universe at this point in time; first and foremost due to the revival of his old band Secret Oyster.

Later in 2008 Taylor became involved with, and after some time took charge of, a side project called Art Cinema. Most of the musicians involved in this venture hooked up with Taylor and Denner to form a completely revamped version of Taylor's Universe, and in 2009 this new edition of Taylor's studio project was ready with the album Return to Whatever, issued early in the year by Russian label MALS Records.

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Experimental Health

Once Again
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Terra Nova
Return To Whatever
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Worn Out
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