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Musician, composer, arranger, poet, Marcelo Diniz was born in Campinas, a city in the countryside of São Paulo, on August 3, 1979.

In his musical training, he had some influences from all aspects of rock n’ roll, Brazilian popular music from the Tropicalia period and Clube da Esquina, which has led him to experimental paths, as progressive and psychedelic ones.

He began his musical career in 1995, working as a keyboard player in several rock n’ roll bands and pop scene in the region, passing through practically the whole state of São Paulo and parts of the State of Minas Gerais.

In 2000, he had his first real work in a studio, creating arrangements of keyboards for the rock band Flamígera, in 08 of the 11 tracks on the disc.

Toning vintage enthusiast, he has kept studying various forms of synthesis and analog modeling, besides focusing on the study of theoretical matching.

In 2005, he began to be required for various jobs in studios, such as a musician and freelance guest, among these works highlight the recording of the Follow Your Dreams EP from Slippery a hard rock band from Campinas, which later has become the disc First Blow (in 2012).

In 2007, he gets to the soundtracks world, asked to do the soundtrack for the short film Reasons of the Heart, which was supported by the Ministry of Culture, and received a good acceptance from local critics.

In 2008, he participates in the collection of electronic, ambient and experimental Spacetronick III, and shortly thereafter he released his first solo cd - Analog Dream.

In 2009, Marcelo Diniz made a series of 10 concerts playing the Analog Dream, pioneering new universes and presenting a different format and innovative to the public. In the same year, in partnership with Amyr Cantúsio Jr, he releases the disc and the unofficial project Elemental, which consists of a series of improvisation with live thematic electronics, rampant for hours, with the idea of partnership and unite forces, eventually producing and launching the collection Arkham - Phase I, with 12 Brazilian artists within this strand of progressive electronic - new age - environment - dark, with the system free download compilation reaching 1000 downloads in a period of 6 months.

2010 was the year of trying new ways - once in January he created the blog O Sonho Analógico (The Dream Analog), making an allusion to the name of the first solo album, where he began to venture into the waves writer, publishing poetry and musings of all worldly every day. The cd Analog Dream reached the hands of a producer of Rede Globo and became part of the soundtrack of incidental Profissão Repórter program, presented by Caco Barcellos, and arrived with distributors in 18 different states of Brazil, also arriving in the United States and in Europe, being sold in stores in France, Italy and Russia.

In 2011, the literary strand jumps, the blog comes to life and, in partnership with A Barata publisher, he published his first book of poetry titled Entre Sonhos e Muros (Between Dreams and Walls), a small issue that sold out in a few months. He also creates in the second semester a cultural manifesto called A ReEvolução Poética, mixing various art forms, with many different guests, creating an interaction which has been working on so far.

In 2012, he was invited by the Para publisher LiteraCidade to integrate the collection 100 Poems 100 Poets, and following the course he releases his second independent publication, the book of poems: Entrelinhas (Between Lines), again in partnership with A Barata Publisher. He creates Horizonte-se Project aiming to bring art into places where it does not reach (see links section) with the sponsorship of three big names in the region: Delta Blues Bar –Woodstock Music Bar – O Profeta Pub Rock, and ... to infinity and beyond, this odyssey continues.


Analog Dream

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