On November 12, 2013

ANGRAGONIA was formed in Sao Paulo, in 2007. By the following year they released their first single that got positive answers from the press. Later, they did a lot of shows in the most important houses from Sao Paulo and festivals.

In 2009 the band started recording their first album, called Secrets In The Mirror.

Recorded at Studio GR in Sao Paulo, the recording process of Secrets In The Mirror took over one year to complete, resulting in a bombastic album, with heavy instrumentals and vocals full of energy. 

Released in 2010, Secrets In The Mirror is a journey through the human being and his existential conflicts. In addition, the album has a special guest: the singer BJ (Tempestt / Jeff Scott Soto), appears playing a duet with Ricardo DeStefano on the track "In Company Of Silence".

Secrets In The Mirror received a lot of good notes from the press. The first video from the album, "Undead", entered into MTV´s programming.

At the end of the year of 2010, Secrets In The Mirror was named best national record of progressive metal in 2010. The vote was made by Metal Militia radio and also awarded other bands like Accept, Blind Guardian, Scorpions, Dimmu Borgir, Angra, Torture Squad, etc

During the year of 2011 the band played a lot of shows and festivals, it was "secrets in the mirror tour". In june, the band played with American Progressive Band Symphony-X as support band in Sao Paulo, obtaining good answers from people.
At the end of the year, the band got into studio to record the second album, "Memories", released in April 2012, in digital format. “Memories” is based on real facts, it´s a kind of a diary, where real stories are the base for the songs, stories that happened with the musicians or people close to them. For this album, the band invited another special guest for the album: the guittarist Mattias Ia Eklundh (Freak Kitchen). He played a special solo in “Hard To Breath” track.

While releasing the new album, Yuri Boyadjian decided to leave the band for living abroad. Yuri was replaced by Toni Laet who has already played with Daniel de Sá, and later with Ricardo DeStefano.

For 2013, Andragonia is planing to launch “Memories” in fisical format and start the Memories tour.

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